Because of our holistic approach to learning, the evaluation process at the school extends beyond academics to comprise a student’s comprehensive development. Evaluations are continuous with the goal of revealing both strengths and areas for potential improvement.

In addition to a framework which allows teachers to modify teaching strategies to meet individual student needs, GIIS also empowers students to be active participants in their own self-improvement; thanks to feedback from teachers.

Signature Methods of Assessment

GIIS implements a series of different assessments aimed at ensuring that students are performing to the best of their capabilities. Keeping parents informed and updated is also a vital component of the GIIS assessment process. Student friendly assessments are aligned with the specific requirements from CBSE and CAIE (Cambridge Assessment International Education).

The following are included among our assessment tools:

Predictive 7-S Methodology

This innovative in-house analytical tool offers comprehensive and continuous assessment of each student’s academic performance, including the following features:

  • comparison of current performance levels and trend analysis
  • prediction for forthcoming assessments in order to facilitate preventative actions
  • target setting
  • detailed analysis across key measures, including school-wise, segment-wise, subject-wise, section-wise, and subject-teacher-wise, as well as a statistical summary

GMP Assessments

GIIS meets the development needs of the youngest learners in our GMP program though continuous and holistic assessments conducted on a daily basis. Report cards offer a record of academic achievement while parents also receive direct feedback during regularly scheduled parent/teacher meetings.

Rigorous CCE System

As students progress through primary and middle school, they continue to be evaluated according to the CCE (Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation) system. This delivers a holistic profile of each student across academic and extracurricular aspects.

At GIIS, assessments are a critical part of helping us fulfill our mission of nurturing today’s students into tomorrow’s leaders. We achieve this through an ongoing commitment to fostering all-around development, as well as through frequent opportunities for students to be joyfully engaged in their own learning trajectories.